How to Choose the Best Rug Material for Your Home

Are you having a hard time deciding on the right rug material for your home? Selecting an area rug can be a tough decision, but it all depends on the placement and purpose of the rug. Keep reading to discover some characteristics of different rug materials.


Wool provides a combination of comfort and strength. It contains something called lanolin, which is soil and stain-repellent. Wool also accepts dyes extremely well, which makes it easy to clean. This material is also non-allergenic and flame-resistant. Overall, wool rugs are a great choice and work best in areas with high traffic, such as a living or dining room. 


Linen is another great material. It is soft, comfortable, and eco-friendly. Linen also has natural heat and its fibers hold dye well so you can choose from a variety of colors.


Silk rugs contain some of the strongest natural fibers, yet are still soft and luxurious to the touch. The fibers are very fine and delicate which means that silk requires regular maintenance and vacuuming to maintain a consistent look.


Hemp is another durable material, as it is resistant to water, dirt, and allergens. It is low-maintenance, and it holds up well in pet-friendly homes and high-traffic areas.

All of these materials can be great choices for your home, depending on what your needs are. Now that you are more informed, you can weigh the pros and cons of each material and decide what is best for you.