Reaching the 8 Billion People Milestone

All 8 billion of us are spread out across 7 continents and hundreds of countries, all of which are pieces of the puzzle that is our growing world. The world population growth rate is currently at 0.83% per year, as general growth rate, fertility rate, and migration rate are on the rise in several countries. In addition, global life expectancy has increased from 29 to 73 years since 1800. This jump is indicative of a better overall global health and an older world population.

Technology is used to evaluate the health index score of each country, allowing experts to know the state of our society. Using factors like life expectancy, it has been concluded that the top five healthiest countries in the world are Spain, Italy, Iceland, Japan, and Switzerland. On the other hand, the unhealthiest countries are South Sudan, Somalia, Chad, Central African Republic, and Sierra Leone. The healthiest countries have health index scores of nearly 100, while the unhealthiest all sit at zero.

Our growing world has also affected businesses around the globe. There have been growing industry demands to serve an aging population in places like assisted living facilities and pharmaceuticals. Because of this, there is greater potential for labor shortages, and the global GDP growth has slowed. Despite these shortcomings, an older population has the chance to increase our productivity. Also, larger countries means an increase in strong multinational corporations.

This population milestone has left many experts with conflicting feelings. Antonio Guterres, the 2022 United Nations Secretary General, says “The milestone is an occasion to celebrate diversity and advancements while considering humanity’s shared responsibility for the planet.” Because of this resilience, experts say that the 9 billionth baby is only 15 years away, bringing to the table several concerns for what that may mean for our environment.

The road to the next milestone is unpredictable and ever changing, leaving many unsure of what our future holds on Earth.

8 billion people visualized