How Do Online Word Counts Work?

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Maybe you have come across this magical tool that writers leverage to enhance their work known as the online word counter.  After all, it has been an integral feature in word processing applications for decades.  Perhaps you have used it occasionally, or not at all but either way aren’t too sure about the practical applications of an online word count.  It isn’t a complicated tool, which can oftentimes make its simplistic purpose misunderstood. 

The mechanics are basic and could not be any easier to navigate.  Write content in your own preferred format and simply copy and paste your work into the tool.  It will then automatically run the pertinent spelling, grammar and word counting applications instantaneously.  For those who prefer to or perhaps lack access to personal computing systems, you can also choose to use the tool to create your content directly in it and ensure your work will be saved.  So long as you have the ability to access the internet, an online word counting tool offers an abundance of critical applications that can assist you with your writing needs.  Create what you need directly in the tool, then email your word to yourself to be saved or edited at a later time.  Some have an auto-saving feature, allowing you to return to your work at a later time even if you leave the site.  


Now that we have covered how easy it is to physically use the tool, let’s shed some light on the key features of the tool and their purposes.

  • Word counting – Enables users to do exactly that, find out how many words are currently in  your written work.  There aren’t too many instances where the content in which we need to create isn’t held to some standard in terms of how much needs to be met or cannot exceed.  Knowing where you are in the process is a helpful component to keeping your thoughts on track and organized.  
  • Grammar and spelling check – Ensures that everything you have written doesn’t contain any spelling or grammatical errors.  These are the most common mistakes when a writer is fully engulfed in the creative process of pouring thoughts onto proverbial paper.  A word count tool will underline or highlight mistakes which require correction.  
  •  Speaking time – Ideal for speech writing or oral presentations, using an online word counting tool can let you know exactly where your current work stands in relation to the time it requires to be spoken or read aloud.  
  • Keywords – Denoting which words are the most utilized in your content will allow writers to perhaps take a deeper dive into alternative ways in which similar sentiments can be expressed using more diverse terms.  The challenging aspect of expressing thoughts in written form is finding more elaborate ways to convey the message intended.  
  • Character count – Ideal for use in today’s social media driven world as many of these platforms have limitations on the amount of characters allowed in a single post.  Some are longer than others, so it is good to know in advance what the limits are for the platforms you intend to post to.  

Online word counts could not be an easier tool to leverage when it comes to enhancing your written work.  The biggest positive feature is the ability to use one whether or not you have a computer, laptop or phone of your own.  Internet access is all that is required which in today’s world can be found for free in numerous places such as schools and public libraries, thus making this tool a versatile one that is truly built for all users.