Everything You Need To Know About Sexual Wellness

Young adult couple in the studio waking up

There’s a lot of people who may not be aware of what sexual wellness is. In fact, it might just be a new thing for many. But not to worry though. 

We’ll give you a rundown on what you need to know and how it can be incorporated in your life. You might just walk away feeling like you’ve learned a lot about yourself. If you want to be more sexually aware of yourself and your partner, you might want to read on so you have a better understanding of what sexual wellness is and how it can be improved. 

With that said, let’s get right to it.

Sexual wellness is connected to physical and mental wellness

Imagine that there’s a set of small blocks. They are connected together to form something that represents your overall wellness. Sexual wellness is one of those blocks. 

The others are your physical and mental wellness. They are connected together in such a way that if your physical wellness suffers, so does your mental and sexual awareness (and vise versa). If your sexual wellness tends to suffer, your mental wellness takes a hit from feeling like you’re not enough. 

You may also lose interest in staying in shape because of it as well. Makes sense, right? 

Increased sexual wellness is better for your health

Believe it or not, the more sexual activity you have the less likely you’ll deal with health issues down the road. It’s true. If you have sex regularly with your partner, you might just be able to keep heart and cardiovascular disease as distant from you as possible. 

If you masturbate regularly, you may also lessen the risk of certain cancers (like prostate cancer in males). We weren’t kidding around when we said that sexual wellness does have an effect on you physically. 

It’s OK to go at it alone (partner or not)

Just because it’s related to sex, it doesn’t mean it can be done with a partner. In fact, there are some sexual wellness products that are perfect for solo use. That alone will help you improve your overall well being. 

Who says you can’t be happy when you’re all by yourself? If you love and trust yourself to a certain extent, it never hurts to have a bit of a “release”. By the way, we live in a more modern time now. 

The stigma is all but alive at this point. So enjoy yourself once in a while, partner or not. 

Communication is key

This applies mostly to your partner. That’s because it helps promote the growth of trust and comfort between the both of you. If you are willing to try something new for the sole purpose of spicing things up and improving each other’s sexual wellness, it’s good to give each other a head’s up. 

Everybody knows that some surprises may not be all that welcoming. So talk to each other. Learn about what makes them comfortable in the bedroom and what doesn’t.

 Most importantly, be honest. 

If you have no partner, then it’s clearly obvious that the only person you need to communicate with is yourself. Do you trust yourself to try something new to improve your own sexual health? Why not give it a shot?


Your sexual wellness is important. There is no denying that you can be a better person physically and mentally when you improve it. If you flip it around and improve your physical and mental wellness, that too can also play a more positive role in your intimacy. 

It might sound a bit confusing, but when you put two and two together it’s easy to understand. It’s better to improve yourself for the better and feel great than never at all and feel like a failure.