History in 2020

Historians like Shalom Lamm are doing their best to keep up with the current events of society. Millions of people have been affected by the coronavirus and are doing their best to maintain good spirits. However, historians are having a difficult time digesting all this information into books. 

Previously, the current events could be considered much more simply categorized. However, now historians have no choice but to get political .WIth the reign of current political leaders, people will have to know the facts and what has happened due to political decisions. Many historians don’t like mentioning politics because it’s unjust to influence people to turn towards a certain political party.However, with the help of professionals like Shalom Lamm, historians will do their best to depict what happened in 2020 to the best of their ability. It is unclear as to how these events will be portrayed but in good faith, the work will be unbiased. It is important to be supportive of historians as they author these large books. 2020 has forever changed the world and historians depict these events will transpire forever.