Helen Lee Schifter on Promoting Unity

Health and wellness expert Helen Lee Schifter has been writing regularly since the Coronavirus pandemic first struck, of the importance and value of people working on their health and wellness. As she said in her interview with Medium, the importance of health and wellness is often times glossed over in favor of commercial and professional interests.

While career building and development is undoubtedly important and even critical, there should also be an emphasis placed on health and wellness. One’s emotional and mental health has a direct impact on one’s physical health. Study after study demonstrates this to be a fact and a reality.

As we all grieve in the wake of the tragedy in Minneapolis, it’s also important for us to seek to promote camaraderie and unity over division. We must be conscious of the effects our raw emotions and feelings can have on others. The value of protests and demonstrations are ample and there is no doubting that. Let’s promote unity and focus on making substantive changes in favor of racial justice and cohesion. 

Mental health is such an important factor in all this that’s importance cannot be undervalued. Social media is another tool that can help unite people and help demonstrators find like-minded folks that wish to express their justified outrage in a unified manner. Linkedin for example can be used by organizers to identify activists and those that wish to be acting in fighting this important fight in favor of racial justice and harmony. 

There are a number of important lessons that one can certainly take while witnessing the protests and demonstrations in the streets and public squares. For many, it  gives a certain level of pride in being an American. For others, it  helps reignite passion about the amazing freedoms that are enshrined in our constitution. The freedoms of assembly and speech are sacrosanct and are not to be interfered with, in any fashion. 

The source of pride for some is the beauty of the American soul. The idea of seeking to foster racial unity and harmony and to expose injustice wherever it  may be. It  needs to be eradicated; and the efforts of activists need to be lauded for investing their efforts in seeking to expose injustice wherever it  might exist.

And here is where lies the beauty of the American spirit. The desire to effectuate constructive change that can have monumental impact on people’s lives. To the extent that this is the driving force of protesters, organizers and activists, they should be commended and respected. It  is an integral part of the American way. 

Let us also not lose sight of the importance of unity and healing. There is no substitute for coming together as a nation. As one unit collectively, a nation that seeks to work on improving itself and making changes that help promote goodness and good faith efforts at helping people’s lives. This is the importance that should be emphasized through all this. 

These valuable thoughts can be found on Helen’s Crunchbase profile and also on her website. These writings help promote goodness, unity and the need for us all striving for a greater good. God bless those seeking to effectuate positive nation. Let us all take this opportunity to thank them and express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to them for all that they are doing to promote this important and significant change.