Prepping your Business for Google Analytics 4

Google made an official announcement in March of 2022 releasing the upcoming switch to Google Analytics 4.  They declared their current analytics solution, Universal Analytics, will sunset in July of 2023, and 6+ months following this event, the Universal Analytics interface will shut down.  Google continues to invest in GA4 as the future of analytics with a specific focus on user privacy without compromising insights. 

By 2028, the data analytics market is expected to be worth $550 billion, and Google Analytics 4 is providing a solution for this increasing demand alongside exclusive privacy-focused features.  Unlike Universal Analytics which distinguishes hit types, GA4 considers every event a hit, automatically collecting all engagement data, instead of just page views.  This data can be used to optimize the user experience and create targeted advertising.

There are a few steps needed to ensure you preserve your Universal Analytics data during the shift to GA4.  Because GA4 is a different set of properties than Universal Analytics, usage, including interface or exported data and downstream systems, will need to be rebuilt.  There is no direct upgrade system, so an analytics partner is essential to prepare for the shift.  Experts like InfoTrust have outlined plans to ensure your business is fully equipped to transition to the future of web analytics.

History & Future of Web Analytics
Source: InfoTrust