Making Gen Z Feel at Home in The Workplace

Generation Z is the newest group of people in our society to enter the workforce. Job transitions are continuously up year over year for this age group, and Gen Z is very quickly becoming a major force in the modern workplace. Despite the sheer number of incoming Gen Z workers, studies show that 1 in 2 hiring managers struggle to connect with early-career employees. 

Companies are actually facing unrivaled challenges associated with Gen Z recruitment and retention. Nearly 75% of hiring managers say Gen Z is the most difficult generation to deal with in the workplace. There are several recognized reasons for this disconnect, the first being the general change of workplace composition in a post-COVID world. Unnecessary friction in the workplace and some misaligned career expectations between employee and employer are also having an effect.

Fortunately, professionals have developed some methods to ensure that companies can keep these young new hires on payroll. Establishing clear expectations, focusing on intentional communication, and offering workplace respect are some ways that employers have found success. Fostering transparency and nurturing meaningful connections have also been observed as effective in the workplace. 

Ensuring that Gen Z workers feel welcomed and respected in their new work environment is a major responsibility of companies today. It is their duty and in their best interest to make these new hires feel like they have a place in the workforce.

What You Need To Recruit And Retain Gen Z
Source: Abode HR