From a Life of Public Service to Entrepreneurship, How Danny Singson Made the Life-Changing Transition

The only constant in life is change. Being rigid and unwilling to adapt to change is to risk extinction or ineffectiveness. However, few are prepared for moments of change life offers from time to time, for example, leaving formal employment for whatever reasons. Transitioning from the safety of employment to the world of entrepreneurship as an employer can be the most daunting life transition. So, how does one navigate through the murky transitional waters of employment to entrepreneurship? 

Danny Singson, a passionate entrepreneur who has lived both worlds of employee and employer. He is one of the people you need to look toward for all the wisdom you need on financial literacy in such a transition.

What Is Your Story?

Every entrepreneur has a story. Perhaps your story includes years and years of unfulfillment despite hitting all the major milestones, achieving the most prestigious success, and being the envy of many. Or, maybe you have a gnawing desire for newness after years and years of the same routine in employment. For others, seeing a gap in the market field is prompting them to seek new and improved services and commodities. Additionally, there are those who realize that they need to seriously plan for retirement before it is too late. And to top it off, some entrepreneurs have an unquenchable passion to create, which helped them develop a brilliant product. As is clearly demonstrated, the list of entrepreneurship stories is inexhaustible. 

It is your story that births the passion for entrepreneurship and keeps you going even during rough and crazy moments in the transition. And most importantly, it is that story that helps you encourage those who turn to you for wisdom and tips on entrepreneurship. Basically, in the entrepreneurship world, your story is your brand and Danny Singson’s story affirms that. There’s no way you can hear it and fail to seek him out for more on the boldness, passion, and wisdom involved in his transition. Read on to see for yourself.

Danny’s Story

He was recruited into public service at the young age of twenty years and not just into any profession but the career of his dreams, a policeman. Lady luck and living the dream sometimes looks like that. Danny would go on to serve diligently and passionately in the police force, rising steadily through different ranks within the force for about nineteen years. But at some point, the job started feeling like one long job and Danny had a gnawing desire for newness and more. Plus he had a deeper passion to ensure financial literacy especially for people from all walks of life. This would soon rock his employment boat for some time, after which he finally stepped out and plunged into the murky waters of entrepreneurship after retiring early from public service.

It is this movement and years of experience in the finance industry that would see him found Xtreme1 Financial a financial brokerage company based in San Francisco Bay, whose main aim is to cure financial ignorance, empower individuals and families to make more sound financial decisions, and help them plan wisely for their financial future.

Why You Need Financial Literacy

It is interesting to know that having strong financial literacy is not innate; it is learned and practiced over time. Financial literacy is important because it equips you with the necessary knowledge and skill you need to manage your money effectively, so that your money serves you instead of you always serving your money.

With his vast experience in the financial brokerage industry, Danny offers his clients personalized, simplified, practical, and fruitful world-class financial wisdom. It has worked for some of the best finance gurus, including himself. 

He offers personal coaching both to individuals and corporates and his tips are reliable, interesting, and worthwhile. Danny does not just offer tips. He also walks with his clients through the transition journey from employment to entrepreneurship. He does this by helping them wade through the initial and inevitable challenges of entrepreneurship that sometimes discourage entrepreneurs, thus forcing them to quit.

Wealth is not an abundance of money; neither is poverty a lack of it. But, both are in your ability to manage money wisely so that you are not always working for money but your money works for you. This is learned and achieved through financial literacy. How you make, plan, and spend your money is really what determines whether you are wealthy or poor. Danny and his team of devoted finance experts help you manage your money and cut a niche for yourself in the entrepreneurship world through financial literacy. Reach out to him today via LinkedIn or Instagram