Do Men’s Watches Come in Different Sizes?

Men’s watches are a huge industry; and there are so many different styles, shapes, and sizes it can seem impossible to find the perfect one for you or for a loved one.  Whether or not you know what kind of watch you want (i.e. what functions you need, what style you like, etc.) you’ll probably need to know what size watch you want and/or need.  Men’s watches do come in different sizes.  Normally, watch size is measured by the watch case.  The watch case is the housing of the mechanics of the watch.  Basically, the part that holds the “guts” of the watch. The watch case can be made from many different materials.  A popular, elegant, and durable watch will be made from stainless steel or precious metal.   

How Are Men’s Watches Measured?

Watches are generally measured by the diameter of the case.  The measurement is almost always taken in millimeters.  Men’s watches have typically fallen between 37 millimeters and 39 millimeters, however, over the past decade the cases of men’s watches have expanded into more sports width watches and “oversized watches.”  

What Size is a Sports Watch?

A men’s sport’s watch is typically between 40-42 millimeters which is considered a large watch.  You’ll find almost all racing chronograph watches fall into this category.  Racing chronograph watches are larger and sportier and feature a tachymeter on the bezel.  These watches were originally created for racing professionals and others in and around the motorsports arena.  As such, they needed to be larger so that drivers could see them while racing.  

Diving and other watersports related watches will also fall under this category of larger men’s watches.  Most diving watches have a water resistance rating somewhere between 100-500 meters.  These watches are practical in that the size of the watch case is large enough to be seen through protective diving equipment and masks.  Additionally, the large size of these watches are synonymous with durability.  The large size usually denotes a heavier, sturdier case and crystal (the covering of the face of the watch) making these watches virtually indestructible.  

What Sizes are Considered Oversized?

For the watch wearer that really wants to go big or go home, there is the oversized watch.  An oversized men’s watch is considered any watch with a case measurement of 45 millimeters and up.  These watches are larger than life and create a statement.  If you are looking for a piece of jewelry more than just a timepiece, this is the watch size you’ll want to consider.  

While some of these oversized watches overlap into the sports watch category by virtue of their functionality and specific complications, some are simply built larger for style purposes alone.  

Are There Different Watch Strap Sizes?

Absolutely.  While every watch strap is adjustable (obviously) you’ll want to make sure you have enough strap width for your watch case and vice versa.  In other words, you don’t want to pair an oversized 45-millimeter watch with a wrist strap that measures just 20 millimeters in width.  Conversely, if your wrist strap is a thicker 22 millimeters, it will overpower a watch case that measures 37 millimeters.  

Most luxury watches are designed with quick release pins that allow you to interchange your watch case and straps.  As such, you essentially change the look and style of your watch by simply changing the strap.  

If you want to find a specific type of watch in a specific size, you won’t have a difficult time.  Almost every watch functionality is available in a variety of sizes that allow you to customize your watch so that it is specifically you.  Additionally, men’s watch straps are available in varying widths so that your watch case and wrist strap width are never mismatched.