Could Your Restaurant Benefit from A Salamander Broiler?

This piece of specialized kitchen equipment is capable of broiling foods at temperatures higher than those achieved by the broil setting on a traditional oven. It transfers infrared or radiant heat onto the food and is considered an essential part of commercial kitchens across Canada. 

By enabling food items to be broiled in a standalone unit in the kitchen, a salamander broiler helps to free up valuable oven space in busy kitchens. 

What are Salamander broilers used for?

With this piece of equipment in your kitchen you can quickly and easily melt, broil, top-brown, and toast a variety of food items. From cooking the perfect grilled cheese to caramelizing sugar or adding a crispy finish to a steak, Salamanders help you present diners with a hot and tasty dish. Additionally, some models can also be used to keep food warm, by simply adjusting the settings. 

Why buy a Salamander Broiler?

While standard broilers can be useful, the versatility and enhanced heat capabilities of a Salamander make them a better option for busy kitchens as they can be used to cook, warm, or finish food.

What factors should you consider when buying a Salamander Broiler?

Consider all of the below carefully before deciding upon which type of Salamander you want to buy for your commercial kitchen:

  • Power

When selecting between an electric or gas Salamander, your choice should depend on the demands of your kitchen and the quantity of food you regularly prepare. If your commercial food operation, like a deli or kiosk, has a moderate food output, an electric Salamander would be most suitable. Additionally, if a gas line is unavailable, this will play a crucial role in shaping your decision. On the other hand, if your kitchen operates at a high capacity, requiring the efficient preparation of substantial quantities of hot food simultaneously, a gas Salamander is a better choice.

  • Installation

Carefully consider what space you have available for a Salamander broiler and whether you might need to mount it on the wall. Countertop broilers are typically compact in design and ideal for any kitchen that needs a separate place for broiling. Range-mounted broilers help free up valuable floor and counter space, while wall-mounted broilers enable you to heat up or finish off foods without disturbing the kitchen’s flow and are perfect for smaller kitchens. 

However you choose to install your Salamander broiler, adequate ventilation is a must. 

  • Heating

You can opt for an infrared heating element or radiant heating when choosing a Salamander. If you are looking for quicker and more intense heat, an infrared Salamander might be the most suitable choice. Radiant broilers, on the other hand, distribute heat more evenly for better cooking results.

  • Size

When deciding upon the size of the broiler you will need to think about the size of your commercial kitchen and how many items of food you will need to prepare within the broiler. Some broilers come with a width of 17 inches and can hold up to two pans, while larger units come with a width of 60 inches and are best suited to bigger, busier kitchens. 

No commercial kitchen is complete without specialized restaurant equipment such as a Salamander broiler; their versatility makes them a valuable addition to any hot food-producing enterprise.