Amazing Holiday Ideas for Post-Covid 2021

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We are all looking forward to the end of 2020, which will go down in the history books as a year to forget and if the new vaccine works, then we can all return to a normal life soon. On the topic of next year, let’s have a look at a few cool post-Covid holiday ideas to celebrate in style.

  • Charter a Yacht – This isn’t as costly as you might think, especially with a group of people and the price includes your accommodation and food, along with a professional crew who will give you a holiday to remember. Check out this amazing company that offers catamarans and yachts for charter, fully crewed and stocked to your request. Spending a couple of weeks sunning the Andaman Sea is an experience like no other, especially on a private yacht and you get to choose the route. Best book soon, as you won’t be the only person who has this in their sights as next year’s holiday.
  • Take a Cruise – There will be a wide range of cruises on offer in 2021 and by booking early, you’ll get the best cabin at a fair price. You could leave from Florida, Italy, Thailand or Australia, as they all run from these ports and once you confirm your booking, you can set about finding cheap flights to join the ship. There’s no better way to celebrate the end of the pandemic and there are family-oriented cruises with lots of activities onboard, where the kids will never be bored.
  • Archeological Digs – If you are interested in history, why not join with a new archeological dig? This means you will be working to uncover historical relics and fossils and as you are helping, your food and accommodation are covered – you only really need your air-fare. The Internet can help you to find a suitable dig and you can take it from there. Choose a site that holds interest to you, which might be the Roman era or Medieval England, and this working holiday is healthy while educating you regarding the history of our planet. Here is some further reading on famous historical places in the world, which makes for an interesting read.
  • African Safari – While Kenya has always been a firm favourite for safaris, Namibia is very popular and you get to see the Big 5 and some stunning natural beauty. Check out the online safari tour operator and choose one that you can design yourself, with an English-speaking guide (it makes all the difference) and 5-star accommodation in several key locations. Once again, this will be many people’s choice and the sooner you start looking at options, the better.
  • Homestay in Thailand – If your budget is limited, why not go for a 2-week stay with an Issan farming family? This gives you a real insight into the local people and their lifestyle, which is enviable in so many ways. Again, there are online tour operators that do offer homestays in Thailand and it is very reasonable and comes complete with special insurance, while you will be living in a Thai rural farming community, or perhaps a fishing family if you prefer. Here is the latest Covid-19 situation in Thailand.

With so many people looking to make an early booking for their post-Covid holiday next year, you should make it a top priority to book now while you can.