5 Trending Work Shoes for Women

The daily saga of which work shoes for women are considered appropriate has been plaguing our office dwelling female species for decades.  While it would be amazing to rock a cozy pair of flip flops every day, the look is sadly not conducive to your average working environment, unless you are fortunate enough to be employed by an excessively casual company.  The struggle is real when you’re trying to determine what to wear that won’t make you look you’re ready to run into the boardroom taking notes as Don Draper’s assistant but also give the impression that you have some semblance of style.  We’re here to help with a little list we’ve compiled that should provide a few reliable options to keep you looking stylish in the office.  

The Quintessential Loafer

Never underestimate a good loafer.  What used to be the finishing touch to the male power suit, has been updated to complement today’s wardrobe for the modern woman.  Try them the traditional way as a flat, or modernized with a chunky heel. Loafers are one style that always seem to make the trending lists, and for very good reason.  They offer a polished elegance to the everyday look.

The Ladylike Mule

An easy way to add a touch of femininity to your ensemble without the discomfort of a full fledged pump.  We love the adorable kitten heel mule, but we’re not mad at a block heeled version. Such a simplistic choice like a mule can quickly enhance your look from drab to fab.  A slingback model offers an ideal alternative for those of us who grapple with the notion of keeping open backed shoes from sliding off of our feet.  

The Classic Oxford

Like it’s cousin, the loafer, sporting an oxford is the perfect way to shatter the antiquated belief that it is a style only men are capable of pulling off.  In this world where women are breaking glass ceilings, taking the helm of Fortune 500 companies, even running for president, a statement shoe like the oxford is doing just that; redefining what women’s fashion should be.  

The Reliable Ankle Boot

Whether it’s a square toe, pointed toe, platform heel, chunky block heel, or kitten heel, there is no denying ankle boots can be an enduring element to your collection.  It’s a shoe that has no enemies, only allies, as it can be partnered effortlessly with any look. Easily dressed down or up, it’s understated versatility is why the ankle boot is sure to be featured on any trending list.  

The Perennial Pump

A pump is the eternal standard for what society has interpreted is inclusive in a woman’s wardrobe.   It’s what our grandmothers wore, what our mothers wore and what our daughter’s will likely still be wearing.  It is what we envision when imagining the components of a conventional working woman’s uniform. Your podiatrist will likely disagree with us here when we say, “embrace the pump!”.  It doesn’t have to be the toe squishing, ankle twisting, sky high variety. Today’s top trends include a more sturdy t-strap paired with a reasonably smaller stiletto heel. You can still champion the traditional while ushering in the new with a twist on a classic style.  

The streets of New York, Miami and Los Angeles are filled with fashionistas who seem to have fallen right out of the pages of Vogue and Elle.  While the average woman might have a difficult time keeping up with the rapidly changing fashion landscape, what’s good to see is that many of the trending looks stay true to their classic roots.  Stick with some of the tried and true styles with a little twist to keep your working attire feeling timeless yet still modern.