5 Fun Activities To Try With Friends at the Weekend

We all love to spend time with our friends – but what should we actually be doing with them? Maybe next time you get together with your friends you can try a couple of these ideas.

  1. Roller skating

Though this delightful activity seems to have been consigned to the 80s, it’s great fun and can be an unusual and exciting activity to enjoy with friends. Whether you laugh together at your shared lack of skill, or discover a hidden talent, strapping on a pair of roller skates together is a surefire way to make some memories and strengthen the bonds of friendship. The best thing about roller skates is that you can really go at any level – it doesn’t matter if you’re a new beginner, or a seasoned expert, it’s fun at every step of the way.

  1. Go and see a movie

Though this is a classic idea, it seems to be one people often don’t think of anymore. But if a new movie comes out, why not get some friends together to go and see it? Everyone gets to enjoy a film, and you get to have fun discussing it afterwards over some food or drinks. It’s a time-honoured fun friend trip out! Chances are your local cinemas had to shut down extensively over the pandemic too, so this can be a great way to support local businesses. 

  1. Visiting museums

We’re willing to bet that your town has museums you haven’t visited, or maybe don’t even know about, that could be a great way to spend an afternoon with a couple of friends. Even small towns often have museums on local history and they are frequently a lot more interesting than people expect. So why not spend an afternoon learning a little more about you and your friends’ hometowns? You can even make a trip to somewhere new to check out their museum! 

  1. Try a painting party

If any of you like art – regardless of whether or not you’re good at it – this can be a really fun way to spend an evening. Choose a host to supply paints and pencils, and ask everyone to bring paper or a canvas. Each guest has to submit either a colour, object, or theme to a list – for example blue, onion, winter – and everyone’s painting has to include the items or ideas on the list. At the end of the evening, everyone shares their paintings!

  1. Organise a potluck

Hosting a dinner party is fun if you have time to enjoy cooking a three course meal yourself, but oftentimes we don’t and that means we put off such events with our friends. Organising a pot luck is the perfect solution – everyone only has to cook one dish and only has to do one piece of washing up! Additionally, this means everyone has at least one dish they enjoy eating, and their choice of recipe can also be a great conversation starter.

Though we all love our friends dearly, it can be hard to come up with good activities to do together. Hopefully this list has give you a couple of ideas!