4 Secret Ways to Use Zip Pullovers

  • Replace the Sweater
Men’s zip neck pullover with raglan sleeves, rubber cuffs and collar. 3d rendering. Clipping paths included: whole object, collar, sleeve, zipper. Half-front view.

A zip pullover has become a great replacement for the sweater. When the weather gets cooler men start looking at their sweater options.

The zip pullover works well for men that are looking for a sweater that is functional, sporty and casual even though it doesn’t always get treated as a fashion piece. 

The zip pullover is also known as the half-zip sweater. Although some people don’t consider it a sweater. 

With new innovations in fashion it is now moving into sweater territory which is why it is the number one secret way to use a zip pullover. 

This garment is pulled over your head just like a sweater except it has a zipper which allows men to open it part way to make space for your face and allow for a little extra ventilation. 

  • Easy Way to Dress Up

The zip pullover makes it easy to dress up. All you have to do is throw the zip up pullover on and walk out the door. 

It’s got a dressier look to it because it gives you a little more framing than a pull over or a turtleneck. It actually imitates the same effect as a collared dress shirt.

In fact it pairs well with a collared dress shirt underneath it and keeps the attention on your face. The zip pullover is very comfortable and convenient to be taken off easily and thrown back on when you’re on the go. 

You can dress it up with some trousers and oxfords and then throw a blazer over on top of it to complete a dressy look. 

One nice final touch to make the zip pullover look even more dapper is to add a tie to that collared shirt underneath it. This will give you a more tailored look. This works especially well at the office.

  • Dress it Down

So far we have established that the zip pullover is a quite versatile piece of wardrobe. It’s been used to replace the sweater because people have gotten bored with crewnecks. 

It’s in the same lane as perhaps a V-neck in regards to the fact that it keeps the attention high and on the face.

It’s easy to wear because you can just throw it on top of anything. It gives the appearance that you put some thought into your style even when dressing down. 

Perhaps you’re just running around for the weekend doing errands. The zip pullover is an easy go-to for a super casual but cool look. Just zip it down and pull it over your T-shirt, and wear it with a pair of jeans.

If you’re going out for a night on the town just throw over a nice leather jacket or a cool blazer and you’ve got an extra layer underneath keeping you super warm and providing you with a hip look.

  • Layer it

Let’s face it, the zip pullover isn’t back in style because it never went away. The reason is because the zip pullover is a timeless piece of menswear. 

It’s a timeless style that can be used in many ways. It’s versatility is the reason it never went away. With this versatility is its use for being used in combination with layers. 

You may use the half zip sweater as mentioned before in dress up or a casual look. If you’re on the go you can throw it over a tank top or wear it over a T-shirt. 

When it’s cold outside you can layer it with both a tank top underneath a T-shirt with your warm zip up pullover layered on top. 

In fact the ultimate combination of the zip up pullover on cold days is wearing it on top of a T-shirt layered underneath a collared shirt paired with a dress tie. 

As if that were not enough throw on a hip blazer or jacket. This will ensure your soft warm comfort on those cold days and keep you looking fresh