Supporting Women eCommerce Business

Can anyone really say that the business world is fair and equitable for all? Before you answer, think about who’s currently keeping the kids in school and taking care of many household duties. In many households, many of these roles often fall to the woman of the house. This doesn’t always leave a lot of time and flexibility to run a successful business – that is, in the traditional sense. What’s great about eCommerce is that it can be run from anywhere and you can very quickly become a global seller of goods such as apparel and consumer electronics across the world.

There’s no denying the statistics. During the global pandemic, an astounding 82% of women have begun or increased their selling on eBay. Of these businesses, the number of eBay enabled businesses in the US grew by 34% within the first 6 months.

Let’s celebrate the opportunities that online platforms such as eBay are doing to uplift women in business. In honor of National Women’s Small Business Month, let’s put a spotlight on the success and potential opportunities that women-lead businesses have in buying and selling goods online through eCommerce platforms such as eBay. Learn more about women entrepreneurs and their achievements through the following report and visual deep dive below:

eBay Empowering Women Through eCommerce