What Vinyl Records Are Worth Money?

We may live in a digital era, and you may think that CDs, tapes, and vinyl records are long gone. While that is partially true, vinyl discs have made an impressive comeback lately, and more and more people perceive them as cool vintage items. 

These objects were highly affordable back in the day, but, based on their value, some vinyl can even cost thousands of dollars today. Rare records cost a pretty penny, and they are considered forgotten treasures. 

Valuable Vinyl Records That Are Almost Priceless 

Next time you’re searching for a new record to add to your collection, make sure to keep an eye for the following vinyl. 

Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin 

This record contains a mix of re-recordings, original songs, and blues. It is an iconic vinyl record even though, when it was launched, it received quite a few mixed reviews. The record gained a lot of popularity, and its value went through the roof in 2003 when Rolling Stone included it in its list of greatest music albums ever. 

As long as it remains in good condition, the turquoise-lettered version of this disc could cost approximately $1,000. 

The Prettiest Star, David Bowie 

This record became one of the most famous vinyl in the rock ‘n roll music history because it is said that Bowie proposed to Angela Barnett, over the phone, while singing this song. This rare 45-RPM single is valued at $2,000. The single’s guitarist is the one and only Marc Bolan. 

In time, the relationship between the two performers has gone south very soon after this record was released. 

That’s All Right, Elvis Presley 

When the King of rock ‘n roll recorded this album, the plan of the studio session was meant for a totally different song. Presley was on a recording break when he started singing this song. His producer, Sam Phillips, was so impressed by the unexpected performance that he instantly pressed the recording button. 

For the King’s fans, this is the first real rock ‘n roll vinyl record that Elvis has ever launched. This disc is worth approximately $4,000. 

Abbey Road, The Beatles 

This is a Beatles classic, and the rarest version of this disc can be purchased for up to $4,000. The rare original UK exported vinyl features a black and yellow label of the Parlophone Records. Its catalog number was PPCS 7088, in case you stumble upon one of these discs. 

The vinyl is even more valuable if it has a gold sticker on its back. These four legendary performers released Abbey Road as their 11th studio album. At first, it received plenty of mixed reviews, but now it is considered one of the greatest records of all time. 

Spirit in the Night, Bruce Springsteen

This Springsteen record was released in 1973, and it is the artist’s first single. It is very hard to find it because it is extremely rare. A promotional copy of this disc could be worth hundreds of dollars, while the original vinyl is worth up to $5,000. 

At first, the critics didn’t receive this album very well, which, at the time, affected the record’s sales. Springsteen himself achieved commercial success in the music industry when he marketed Born to Run, which was his 3rd album. 

Lafayette Blues, The White Stripes 

Only 15 copies of this music album were published back in 1998. What made them even more special was the fact that Dave Buick, Italy Records’ founder, hand-painted each of those covers. All 15 copies were created to be sold at a release show in Detroit. 

At the time, this music band was on its way to stardom. Back then, each copy was sold for only $6. Today, this record is worth no less than $12,700. All these old records aren’t easy to track down, and they are worth a fortune. They are valuable collectibles that many music lovers would want to own. Dig up your storage closet because you might also have some interesting vinyl records hiding in there.