What Not to Forget When Planning Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a once in the lifetime event that needs to be carefully planned. Unfortunately, everything that can go wrong with a wedding usually does so backup plans are a necessity. There are so many variables to consider when planning your wedding that it can be easy to forget small details that can make a huge difference. This can be a huge financial undertaking so you want to make sure that everything goes as well as possible. The following are things that you should not forget about when planning your wedding day.

Seating Charts Need to Considered 

There are going to be some people that you invite to your wedding that you might not want to seat with others. Your college roommates might have some stories that your grandparents never want to hear about. There is always going to be that table in the back of people that you know will get loud once alcohol is introduced to the equation. These charts are also great for people that know each other as being at a table without a clue who anyone is can be awkward. Sit down with your soon to be spouse and put the tables together, it shouldn’t take too long.

Reasonable Food Options for Guests 

There are so many dietary restrictions and allergies that people claim to have. You cannot accommodate everyone which is something you need to take to heart. You cannot purchase an entire vegan spread for one or two guests as this is a terrible allocation of the wedding budget. Sending out the invites with options to select will help ensure that waste stays as low as possible. The right caterer will have options for most restrictions but not all. 

Your First Dance as a Couple 

The first dance is symbolic of starting your lives together. This is a time where you can impress guests with the moves you have learned. Wedding dance lessons can allow you to impress throughout the entire reception. Even if you are not a great dancer, learning a few moves can work wonders for the wedding video! You will be able to pick the song you dance to along with other songs that will be played over the course of the reception. 

Talk to the Bartenders About Potential Issues with Guests 

An open bar at a wedding can be a ticking time bomb for certain guests that drink excessively. It is a great idea to talk to the bartenders and point out those that should have their drinks watered down. People should be cut off if they are extremely intoxicated as you do not want any alcohol-related issues at your wedding. Letting the bartenders know that guests shouldn’t be taking shots is a great rule to have. A few shots can be enough to have a wedding reception go off of the rails. 

Planning your wedding needs to be done with a project management platform. This can allow you to see what needs to be done and what has been taken care of. Planning the perfect wedding is possible if you are as detail-oriented as possible.