What Exactly Is International School Life Like

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Nobody likes the unknown and as a parent who has recently found out that they are relocating to the Asia region as part of the job, you probably have some reservations about the education systems there. Your child has probably been learning in a top tier public school up until now and you fear a move to another country may interfere with their education. However, your fears are unwarranted because there are a number of exceptional international schools available to you and your children and they follow similar curriculums to schools from the United Kingdom, America, Canada, Singapore and Japan.

There are many top tier international schools like St Andrews Green Valley and it is their job to provide your children with the education that they deserve. As a parent, this must give you essential peace of mind knowing that you can still provide your children with an excellent education, in an international environment. If you would like to know more about what kind of education that these schools can provide for your child, then please read on.

  • Fantastic facilities – The campuses of these international schools are similar to what you would find in any top tier school in the United Kingdom and America. Everywhere is designed with the learning environment in mind and classrooms are equipped not only with air conditioning but also science laboratories with the latest technology and also many have full sized swimming pools and basketball courts. They understand and appreciate the importance of education but they also understand that extracurricular activities are an intrinsic part of learning and making new friends.
  • Holistic environment – It is every international schools mission to develop well rounded individuals with exceptional social, cultural, intellectual and physical development skills. If you were to look at the best CV’s and see what they have in common, the applicants are all equipped with the essential life skills and knowledge that they need to work in any international business environment. These international schools will prepare your child for the international workplace and the skills that they learn will be beneficial to them for their whole lives.
  • STEM education – Stem education consists of science, technology, engineering and maths and it is based on what is happening in the real world. As we move towards the future, jobs that require skills in these four subjects will increase in number and your child will have already been provided with an excellent foundation of these future skills. To learn more about international schools in Bangkok and what they have to offer, have a look here for free advice.

As a parent, you can relax now, knowing that your child will receive an exceptional international education outside their home country. You are creating an excellent educational opportunity for your kids and it’s a decision that you should be very proud of. You are helping your child to get a foot in the door of international life and everything that it has to offer.