Ways To Find Out If You’re Underpaid

boss paying worker with peanuts

Are you making what you’re worth? It’s a sad state of affairs in the job market when so many employees are continually undercut on their salary, but more common than you might think. Employers are notorious for not keeping up with current competitive rates for certain industries, and there have even been cases where employees have been fired after getting the raise they deserve, according to experts like Omid Nostrati, Los Angeles lawyers for wrongful termination. You owe it to yourself to ensure you’re fairly compensated, though, so here are few ways you can tell if you’re being underpaid.

You Notice Higher Salaries For Your Job Online

Nowadays you can see what the average salary for certain jobs is using online salary data visible on job search platforms. They’ll show you the range, and if it turns out your salary is at the low-end, then there’s a good chance you’re being underpaid for your services. Another way to research this is to look at job openings for positions similar to yours. 

You might notice that companies are giving better rates to candidates with similar skills and experience to yours. If that’s the case, then again, you’re probably being underpaid.

You’re Hearing Talk In Your Professional Network

If you’ve been hearing rumors around the office that what you’re getting paid is low compared to what you’re worth or what everyone else is getting paid for the same work, then it stands to reason that you’re getting short changed when it comes to your salary. Alternatively, if you’ve been talking to peers at different companies within your industry and they inform you that your salary is on the low-end compared to theirs, you might draw a similar conclusion.

It’s important to keep connections with your professional network so you can make these comparisons, though, so be sure that you’re a member of whatever unions and professional organizations you can access, and take the time to head to those networking events and other industry gatherings so that you can talk shop and gain information.

You Get Some Information From A Recruiter

In addition to online searches and information from peers, you might hear about how your salary compares by talking to a job recruiter. It’s their business to know how your qualifications and responsibilities should translate in terms of pay, so if you float them some of your details and they give you some info that indicates you’re being underpaid, you should probably trust that what they are saying is true.