Types of Fence Posts for Wood Fences

A wood fence can add beauty and value to your property. Wood is an affordable fencing material that is highly customizable. It can be constructed at any height for privacy and security and with regular maintenance it can last for many years. One customizable option for wood fences is the type of fence posts that can be used. Different materials for fence posts provide distinct pros and cons. Here’s what you need to know about the various types of fence posts that work for wood fences to help you determine what’s best for you.

The 4 Main Types: 

There are 4 most commonly used types of fence posts for wood fences: 

  • Treated 4×4 post. Traditional fence posts for wood fences are made of pressure treated wood. Treated wood is resistant to water damage, termites, fungal decay, and rot. Wood posts offer a uniform look from the inside and outside of your fence. They can last for many years, much longer than untreated wood, however they will eventually begin to break down and lose their structural integrity.
  • Steel tube post. Steel tube posts, like the kind used for chain link fences, can be used as posts for wood fences. Made of galvanized steel, they are resistant to corrosion, warping, rot, pests, and fungal decay. They provide a sturdy support for wood fence panels, but they do require fasteners or brackets to attach the metal posts to the wood cross beams. Metal posts will stand out a bit from the wood, making them slightly less attractive from the inside.
  • Wood-wrapped steel tube post. This option combines metal and wood in each fence post, providing the strength and durability of metal with the ability to attach to the wood panels the way wood posts do. The wood wrapping makes the metal less noticeable in the overall appearance of the fence.
  • Metal fence post. A metal fence post is different from a steel tube post in the shape. It is still made of galvanized steel, but rather than a tube shape, it is formed metal like a sign post. The benefit of this fence post style is that it can be concealed within the wood to provide an all-wood look with the strength and durability of metal. This offers a streamlined appearance on the inside of the fence where the posts stand out less from the fence structure.

Benefits of Metal Fence Posts

There are many benefits to using metal posts for wood fences, such as: 

  • Easy to install. Metal posts are easy to install as they are thinner and require smaller holes in the ground. The wood panels are easy to attach to the metal posts.
  • Sturdy. Metal posts provide sturdy support for fence panels without warping or bending. They stand up well to high winds and extreme weather.
  • Durable. Metal is extremely durable and is resistant to rot, pests, fungus, and corrosion.
  • Lasts longer. Metal fence posts can last forever, longer than the wood panels of your fence, allowing you to replace your fence with the same posts when the time comes.

The type of fence post you choose depends on a variety of factors, such as the look you want for your wood fence, your budget, and how long you want your fence to last.

Anderson Fence Provides Many Options for Fence Materials 

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