Top 3 Ways To Make Working Out More Appealing

Dreading your daily workout is not unusual, but it is unnecessary. There are plenty of steps you can take to turn your workout into something you look forward to, and we’ve made just a few suggestions here!

  1. Make it about expressing yourself

Working out doesn’t just have to be about fitness – why not make it an opportunity to express yourself too? Committing to physical exercise is a form of self improvement, and simultaneously using it to express yourself could be a great way to feel extra invigorated while you’re doing it – and, won’t you look forward to working out just a little more if you know you’re about to get into some activewear you feel amazing in? Whether it’s your tennis shoes (I get mine at TennisHQ), your scrunchie, your leggings or even your socks, there’s no reason your workout gear can’t reflect who you are when you’re away from the gym.

  1. Pick something you enjoy!

This may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many people force themselves to commit to a fitness routine they just don’t enjoy because they feel it’s what they’re supposed to do. If you hate going to the gym, don’t go – pick something like tennis, or bike riding, that allows you to socialise and enjoy the outdoors instead. Similarly, if you hate biking, try running or another sport! This way, you won’t find yourself dreading your daily fitness commitments. Choosing something you enjoy will make it easier to motivate yourself on those days you just don’t want to get out of bed. 

  1. Find a buddy

This advice is hardly new, but if you haven’t tried it yet – do it! Not only is everything more fun when you have a friend present, but it also increases accountability as you will be reluctant to let your buddy down when you have made a commitment to do a certain activity with them. If you miss a day, then your buddy is probably going to check in with you, which can be a gentle form of social pressure that works in your favour. Additionally, this makes working out more appealing because you know you are also going to get to enjoy a social event as well as working towards achieving your fitness goals.

  1. Get some good food in!

Though it’s important to stick to what’s healthy, you don’t have to restrict yourself to lettuce and celery while you’re on a health and fitness kick. There are plenty of snacks and meals out there that are healthy and delicious, and if you know you’ve got a good meal waiting for you when you get home it may lessen the pain of a difficult workout. You will want to focus on high protein foods to keep you satisfied for longer and to help with all your muscle growth. 

Working out is great some days, and terrible on others. Hopefully, the ideas on this list have given you some actionable suggestions on how to help yourself look forward to it rather than dread it – or at least, help you dread it a little less.