Tips to Enhance your Stay in Bangkok

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If you are planning a visit to tropical Thailand, Bangkok is a city like no other and no amount of preparation will prepare you for the onslaught on your five senses when you arrive in the capital city known to Thais as the City of Angels. You could look at this experience as being one big adventure and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Here are a few tips to ensure you have a great time sightseeing in Bangkok.

  • Book Accommodation Online – Book into a chic place like Ibis Styles Bangkok Ratchada and you will get the very best deals, cheaper than if you walked into the reception and asked for a room. The hotels have special arrangements with online platforms and this translates to the lowest rates and booking online is so easy. Many hotels will send a limo to the airport to meet you, which saves a lot of hassle, although that might depend on the length of your stay.
  • Use Skytrain – The BTS Skytrain covers the entire city and is the cheapest and quickest way to get around this sprawling metropolis. Of course, there’s always the green and yellow cabs for short trips (avoiding the roads during rush hour is possible) and for the adventurous, there are the canal boats that run throughout the city. Riding these will give you an insight into how Thai people live and you can get maps online. Here are a few more reasons to make Thailand your next holiday destination.
  • Carry Bottled Water – It is oh so easy to get dehydrated in the hot tropical climate and if you come from a European climate, make sure that you drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. If you already have an aluminum water bottle, bring it with you; otherwise you can order one online. They keep liquid cold (or hot) for quite a while and are safe to use and every convenience store sells bottled water, so you won’t have a problem finding it.
  • Learn the Thai Basics – Much like everywhere, when you make an effort to speak the local language, the Thais warm to you and they are very hospitable people. Learn the numbers and things like “how much?”, and their traditional Thai greetings can be used with a Thai Wai. There are some great online resources that also give you the correct pronunciation, which is an important aspect of the Thai language.
  • Don’t Change Money at the Airport – Perhaps a few dollars for a taxi fare, but you get a much better rate at the money exchange outlets found throughout the city. The Thai banks prefer crisp and unused notes, whereas the agencies will change marked notes and offer you top rates.

The Thai Tourist Police are always at hand, should you have any issues, although Thailand is one of the safest countries in the world. Approach Bangkok with an open mind and be prepared for an adventure and you will have an amazing experience.