The Trends in Social Media Marketing for 2020

2020 social media content is taking shape and many of the trends that forecasters are highlighting coincide with the quickly shifting and ever-evolving software and technology of today. As we press forward into a brand new decade, we’re going to see a major shift at the core of the social media marketing world.

Social Media Marketing Today

The advent of social media marketing is an incredibly popular strategy as we see more and more individuals online today. The number of social media users across the world continues to skyrocket, and the tools available for businesses to utilize within the social media marketplace are multiplying day by day. Improvements to the social media landscape as a whole are seen regularly. New, optimized features are created or simply enhanced daily. All of these upgrades are focused on improving the engagement of all social media users.

Social media won’t remain the same, even tomorrow. We will continue to see shifts in the industry. To stay on top of the social media rollercoaster, it’s crucial to look ahead and become aware of what is in development before it hits the marketplace. Before it becomes common information for everyday social users, You need to know what is coming next. 

New platforms are emerging that can better serve to ease customer pain points and provide solutions to common social media problems. The new website, is a good example.  The brand new social media platform, AllSocial, works hard through the creative user experience to give the content creation and promotion reins back to the user, allowing every subscriber on the platform 100% reach. 100% reach means AllSocial does not work off of a specific algorithm to show content to users, but instead, allows users to see ALL of the content for all of their friends and connections.  By developing a platform that offers 100% reach, AllSocial is answering the call and providing clear solutions to many common social media issues today. 

New platforms and developments in social media like AllSocial give us a glimpse into what the social media sphere of tomorrow just may look like.

Video or Live Stream Content

Audiences love all things video and live-stream. There is a quality to them that promotes a feeling of authenticity and allows businesses to take advantage of a multimedia approach. Video engages the brain more dynamically, providing a way to more effectively draw in audiences.

Live streaming in another avenue of media marketing that has grown in popularity in recent years. Live streaming video content can be highly personal as you are in the hands of your followers and in real-time over the live stream.  Some believe that live streaming content over a favored social media platform is the number one activity that one can take in order to completely gain your audience’s trust. Live streaming is also effective for demonstrating products and building brand loyalty.

It takes preparation, promotion, and a willingness to turn it on and perform, but with the willingness to take on live streaming video content, you stand to gain fans for your brand and cement the loyalties of those fans that you already have won over.

Analytic Based Content

Making choices based on analytics has become a standard in the online marketing world. Furthermore, an increasing number of social media platforms are willing to share information based on their algorithms and are creating more sophisticated tools for businesses and users to track their performance. This helps the entire platform thrive and allows users to more easily tailor content toward specific demographic that they have discerned is their target audience.

Another rising trend is location-specific event marketing tools that allow local events to be promoted. This can help users to connect to fellow users in the specific location they are targeting in their social media marketing strategy.

The Development of VR and AR Based Marketing Strategies

This evolving technology is quickly developing to provide users with many layers of experience. There is no doubt that VR and AR will find their place as tools in the marketing landscape. Even today, Social media platforms have begun to push features that encourage the use of VR on their platforms.

Promotion with All Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers have devoted their careers to building trust, rapport and providing entertainment for their audiences. There is a lucrative opportunity to work with influencers to promote products and services. This provides influencers with a means of income and your product or service with the wide-spread exposure that you might need to gain new followers and clients.  The likelihood of an influencer’s audience going out and purchasing the business’ goods (because the influencer did and promoted it on their social feed) is astronomical and could be game-changing for your product or brand. 

With all of the new features emerging, it’s important to stay up-to-date. New features that have been integrated into emerging social media platforms such as Allsocial, can easily be missed. Taking the opportunity to sift out and utilize the newest original features on these platforms can help you stay one step ahead of the social media crowd as we begin 2020. 

Don’t miss out, keep an eye on emerging trends to master your physiotherapy, dentist, or plumber social media marketing strategy.

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