The Benefits of Bone Broth: A complete Guide

Bone broth soup made from beef, natural source of collagen

Bone broth has been around before the start of recorded time and people all over the world have been reaping the health benefits for just as long. Even the discovery of bone broth was amazing! Our hunter and gatherer ancestors who use every part of the animals they hunted discovered that the bones they burned turned into a liquid and this liquid happened to be easy to digest and very flavorful. They had no idea how good it was for their health but they may have noticed how it kept them healthy and could even treat certain illnesses. Okay, enough backstory. Here’s a complete guide to the benefits of bone broth

Gut Health & Metabolism 

Many people these days are wondering how they can boost their metabolism and cleanse their gut. You can do both by adding bone broth into your diet. There are so many nutrients packed into bone broth but the one that will be the main player in a gut cleanse and attempt to boost metabolism is the amino acid glycine. Glycine assists the body with producing stomach acids that aid in the digestion of food, overall gut health and helps boost your metabolism. You can start the process of healing and sealing your gut while enjoying tasty food! 

There is a lot of glycine in bone broth – Approximately 27 grams for every 100 grams of protein, making it a go to for those who are looking for a glycine dense food. Along with the benefits of gut health and boosted metabolism, improved stomach and digestive health is easily attainable through the consumption of bone broth. The main nutrient that comes into play here is natural gelatin which binds with water and helps move food through the digestive system. It’s a great tasting way to cleanse your gut and get some metabolism boosting benefits.

Cooking With Bone Broth 

There are so many recipes that can be supplemented by bone broth and be improved in flavor and nutritional benefit. Whether you swap out an ingredient like water or just add it into the mix, you’ll definitely notice a positive change in the flavor profile of your food and get so many more benefits along with it. For example you can cook brown rice with bone broth instead of water, you can also use bone bone broth instead of chicken stock to get more flavor and nutrition packed into your home cooked meals.

Making soup with bone broth is so easy and so delicious. With just a few ingredients like roasted chicken, onions, carrots and celery heated up with the bone broth of your choice,  you’re on the way to a nutrient packed and tasty hunger fix that can be ready in minutes. The options are endless when it comes to making soups and adding bone broth into the mix makes every possibility so much better.  

Health Benefits 

There’s a lot of history behind bone broth and it is mainly famed for its health benefits in many cultures and was even named “Jewish Penicillin” during the 12th century. This was mainly due to bone broth being used as a cure for people experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms. It also boosts the immune system so you can help fight off infections. 

Bone broth also promotes weight loss and is great for your skin. As mentioned before, bone broth helps boost your metabolism which is a key element in dieting effectively and losing weight consistently. The skin benefits come from the amino acids packed into bone broth and how they help promote collagen production keeping your skin revitalized and youthful. These benefits also translate into your hair, nails, and even your joints. Yes it’s true! Bone broth can help relieve some symptoms of arthritis by lubricating joints. You’ll love the taste and how it makes you feel without a doubt.