What eBay is Doing to Help the Environment Through Sustainable Commerce

The problem of climate change can’t be solved by governments alone.  If businesses want customers and resources to stick around for future generations, they need to invest in a livable planet as well.  E-commerce giant eBay has already taken up the mantle of building a sustainable business through sustainable commerce.  Their platform has encouraged reused goods since inception.  720,000 metric tons of carbon emissions have been conserved thanks to people selling their pre-owned electronics and apparel on eBay.

But eBay has gone beyond the demands of their business model.  In leading the charge for clean energy, eBay has vowed to use 100% renewables in their data centers and offices by 2025.  As of 2020, they had 74% of their power coming from renewable sources.  Helping the switch is eBay’s practice of partnering with other businesses to encourage renewable energy purchases.  Recently, the company joined hands with McDonalds to buy power from Lightsource bp, the largest solar project in Louisiana.

Every company wants to stand the test of time.  Without a habitable planet Earth, companies have no hope of growing and thriving in the coming decades.  Businesses should see sustainability initiatives as investments into their future, just as eBay is treating their projects.

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