Strip Lashes: What’s Involved?

Lashes can change your appearance and make your eyes look big and pretty. When mascara isn’t enough and not doing the job, sometimes you got to go the extra mile to achieve the look you want. Strip lashes have been around for a century now. Strip lashes came in fashion around the 1920s and have become a fashion trend since then. 

Eyelash extension procedure. Beautiful Woman with long lashes in a beauty salon. Collage.

Strip lashes are a horizontal band of faux wisps that are applied on your natural upper lash line. These lashes are best for beginners as they’re readily available. They are versatile and can help with achieving a customized look too. Strip lashes are easily trimmed to add volume, fullness, and a dramatic look to your style. Strip lashes are available in various shapes in the market.

What Are Strip Lashes Made Of?

They are mostly made of mink, synthetics like plastic and silk, or human hair. 

Synthetic lashes are made from rubber, recyclable materials, and other human-made material. These are the cheapest lashes available. They feel pretty heavy on the eyelashes and are shiny. There are some higher grade synthetic lashes available too. It is recommended to use one pair only once as it can cause allergic reactions and droopiness of the lids.

Another type of strip lash is the one made from natural human hair. These lashes have the best quality and often mimics your natural lashes. These lashes are a bit expensive than some other lashes but are comfortable to wear. Human hair lashes can be used more than once if stored in a cool and dry place. 

Mink fur lashes are the most expensive lashes you can buy. They are hand made from mink’s tail, an animal found in the wild. They are super comfortable and give a fuller and feathery look. Most brands sell mink lashes these days as they have the best quality.

How to Apply Strip Lashes?

You can get strip lashes from any grocery store, cosmetic store, drug store, or almost any store that sells makeup. They come in individual pairs or sets of five or ten with adhesive or sometimes without it. You can even get them in bulk packages too.

Before you begin, make sure to clean your eyelids and face with a makeup remover or wash your face so that the application process can go smoother and the glue stick to your lids easily.

 Follow these steps to get them on.

Measure and Cut the Lash

Strip eyelashes are mostly longer in size; that’s why it is advised to measure them according to your eyelids and trim them with scissors to the right length.

Apply Adhesive

Place a thin layer of the lash glue or adhesive on the band. Please wait until it becomes appropriate to apply it. Use a toothpick to spread glue to the lash band to make sure that you use the proper amount of adhesive.

Apply the Lash

Please do not close your eye as it will ruin the application. Just look down and use your fingers to press the strip to the base of your lash line—you a tweezer to set it in place and press it until it sticks correctly.

Apply a few coats of mascara in the end to give a more defined look. 

Benefits of Strip Lashes

There a lot of beauty trends these days to modify your style sense, saving you a lot of time. If you’re thinking of buying these lashes for yourself, read on the pros to think of all the more reasons to buy a pair for lusher lashes.

  • Can give you an instant natural or full glam look
  • Can be reused
  • Reduces impact on natural lashes
  • Make your eyes pop
  • Choose between different styles to achieve different looks.
  • Not so expensive
  • More noticeable in photos
  • They will save you a lot of time in the morning.

Strip lashes make your eyes look bigger and beautiful without piling on mascara. They are an instant way to achieve dramatic, fuller, and luscious lashes by instantly adding definition and volume to them. Strip lashes are a must to enhance your appearance and look best with little effort and in a variety of price points.