Polarized Safety Glasses Could Be A Lifesaver This Fall

First, let’s understand the sun and glare. Sunlight mainly scatters when it reaches the eyes after striking rough surfaces. But do you know what happens when sunlight hits smooth surfaces? These smooth surfaces are calm water or a car hood. The light reflects in a single direction and leads to an annoying glare that irritates the eyes.

Every pair of shades is designed to offer protection from ultraviolet rays and to reduce short glare. But these shades are not enough to block reflected rays and shield eyes appropriately. The sunglasses need special lenses to filter intense glare and provide a peaceful view of the eyes. This is because glare sometimes leads to blind and depressed eyes.

What Are Polarized Lenses and Polarized Safety Glasses?

Polarized lenses are specially designed to filter reflected light, but allow horizontal rays to pass through lenses. Besides, polarized sunglasses have a special coating on lenses that allows eyes to see scattered light easily and block reflected light from your vision. The reflected light is harmful to the eyes. But polarized lenses increase visibility and offer general safety to eyes from ultraviolet rays. Remember, UV protection and polarized lenses are not the same things because both have different functions regarding protection.

When safety glasses embed polarized lenses, they become polarized safety glasses. Now they are double protective for eyes because they don’t only shield eyes from reflected light. But they are a perfect option for impact workplaces too. Let’s clear UV protection and polarized lenses.

Difference Between UV Protection and Polarized Lenses?

UV protection and polarized lenses are different things. Therefore, you need to understand that polarized lenses can use against reflected light, and UV protection protects eyes from ultraviolet rays. But UV protective sunglasses are not effective against glare light because they will shield eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet rays can lead to toxic damage, like cataracts and macular degeneration. Therefore, your sunglasses should block 100% ultraviolet rays.

But UV protection cannot shield eyes from glare. For this reason, you need polarized safety glasses that can cover your eyes from reflected light and offer safety against ultraviolet rays. So, you need to ensure that your sunglasses are not only polarized but have UV protection like Wiley x Polarized Safety Glasses.

Polarized lenses will offer strengthened contrast when you see through them. They minimize glare when light reflects on smooth surfaces and boost contrast levels. Thus, it makes it easier for a user to view every object 100% clearly in reflected light. You can also verify polarized lenses with the help of an LCD screen. Polarized lenses make hard to look at the screen than standard tinted lenses. But polarized lenses make black or dark LCD screens.

How Polarized Safety Glasses Could Be a Lifesaver This Fall?

Do you like long driving? Of course, yes. This is because everyone loves when they look behind a vehicle while wearing most favorite sunglasses. Everyone wants a gorgeous look with their sunglasses.

But many people link sunglasses with summer because they may think prescription safety glasses are significant in the fall. Indeed, people consider shades are a lifesaver in the fall. But the autumn equinox is a pretty challenging time for drivers because of sun glare. Therefore, travelers experience battle with sun glare while traveling in the morning, not in the rush hours. They suffer from the blind sun in the evening as well. Thus, bearing sun glare in the morning and evening hours is a highly stressful tool.

It occurs in every fall season because nights become longer and days become shorter. In the autumn equinox, both day and night have equal hours. Therefore, drivers experience challenging hours twice a day. Thus, wearing polarized sunglasses of SafetyEyeglasses is a vital strategy for safe driving and is even more significant in the morning and evening.

What are Safe Driving Strategies in the Fall Equinox?

The following strategies can help you prevent sun glare if you’re experiencing sun glare.

  1. Shop high-quality polarized sunglasses because they will eliminate glare if it develops from different surfaces like cars, windshields, or other sources. For ultimate protection, polarized shades are vital for morning and evening hours while driving.
  2. Drive slowly in the bright sunshine because it can disturb visibility and affect your speed while driving.
  3. Increase safety for these zone times. It would be better to choose longer distances than shorter ones while traveling. While traveling on a safe route offers you peace of mind because it protects you from annoying glare.
  4. Your windshield should be clean on both sides because it will remove glare. A dirty windshield will collect more dirt on the glass. Besides, check windshields and washers are effectively working.
  5. Avoid driving in case of a cracked windshield and fix them without delay.


If you are a regular driver, you know how much focus is essential when you are on the road. Unluckily, blind sun glare at both times means early morning and evening in the autumn equinox, offering you a stressful driving experience. Therefore, follow effective strategies to prevent accidents. And luckily, polarized sunglasses are beneficial for you to face sun glare conveniently while driving.