Pets in Cyberspace

The new buzzword in town: Metaverse. Also known as cyberspace, the Metaverse is a billion dollar grouping of technologies and human interactions that includes virtual reality, holograms, motion-tracking tools, avatars, and many other revolutionary types of software. The Metaverse market was worth $47.69 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43.3%. A key reason for this success lies in the growing focus on merging the digital and physical worlds through online game play and creation. Let’s learn more about pets in cyberspace below.

Many companies have capitalized on the opportunities that lie within the Metaverse. Platforms like Ready Player Me, Decentraland, and Horizon Worlds allow users to create online worlds, interact with one another, design avatars, and play games all at their fingertips. A growing niche in the Metaverse is the idea of owning and raising a digital pet, which is just one of the many unique opportunities that this type of technology has to offer.

Metapets, Axie Infinity, Metagochi, and CryptoKitties are just a few of the many platforms in the Metaverse that are solely dedicated to customizing and owning a digital pet. Having a pet in cyberspace presents much more freedom and less responsibility than owning an animal in reality, and may be a feasible option for those who are unable to make that commitment. On these platforms, users can train their animals, enter them in shows, groom them, and have a fully customized experience in a way that has never been possible before. Pet lovers all across the globe can find joy in adopting a pet through the Metaverse, and may even be able to monetize their hobby!

Learn more about pets in cyberspace in the infographic below:

Pets and the Metaverse Infographic