New Study on Heart Health and Tea.

Your heart may benefit from drinking tea, according to a Chinese research project that studied the continuing health in fifteen Chinese provinces for the past 22 years. Included was data from a wide variety of behavioral and health information culled from over one-hundred-thousand adults — and included a detailed record of their tea consumption.

Over a period of 7 years, the control group experienced approximately 3600 strokes, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular emergencies. There were 1400 fatalities directly related to heart disease and 5400 deaths from other medical causes.

 In comparison with people who drank relatively little or no tea, regular tea drinkers exhibited nearly twenty percent less chance of a heart attack and a twenty-two percent less chance of death by cardiovascular incident. The study also showed that regular tea drinkers were fifteen percent less likely to suffer premature death from physical problems.  

The Chinese study made allowances for such variables as smoking, alcohol consumption, body fat, education, blood pressure, geographical location, age, and type of employment.

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The Chinese medical survey team cautioned that the study was only observational and not conclusive; much more specific testing with control groups needs to be done, and the study may not hold up for ethnic populations outside of China. Green tea, which is the main tea beverage in China, is known to have flavonoids that help prevent oxidation.