Equip Against the Encrypted With Network Detection and Response

Encrypted traffic makes up the vast majority of web traffic, clocking in at 90% in 2021. It is this encryption technology that is enabling cyber criminals to mask their malicious activities. 91.5% of malware attacks arrive over encrypted connections, and they are on the rise in recent years. In the first half of 2022 alone, there were 236.1 million ransomware attacks. Many organizations are not equipped to protect their data from intruders; 59% of IT professionals have admitted to the fact that they lack the tools to secure against encrypted traffic threats. 

A Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform is a powerful tool to be used in an organization’s security strategy. It is able to detect suspicious network activity even on encrypted traffic, which traditional tools would miss. It is able to monitor all traffic flows on a network, so that threats are detected on all sides. If a security breach is identified, the NDR platform is able to provide real time alerts to the team in order to reduce response time. It is also able to aid in the counter-attack process by identifying the IP address of a malicious behavior’s origins and determining how the threat progressed.

What is Network Detection & Response?
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