Moving to Florida: How to Go From Florida Tourist to Tenant

In recent years, Florida has become much more than a simple tourist destination with many people moving to Florida. The Sunshine State has exploded in new residents, making it the second hottest housing market in the nation. There are a multitude of factors driving the number of new residents, including the relatively inexpensive home prices, easier access to first time homeowners, and number of new buildings being constructed. But, before relocating to the peninsula state, there is much to consider from a financial perspective.

Firstly, homeowners should consider the type of loan they are going to apply for. For instance, VA loans and USDA loans require zero down, but have more stringent qualifications compared to conventional loans. Furthering the example, this would be veteran status for the application and a rural classification for the property respectively. However, the breadth and depth of knowledge required to make a conscientious decision is often too much to handle alone. 

Luckily, companies like Next Wave Mortgage allow prospective homebuyers to streamline the home buying process. With plenty of perks such as closing credit, rebates, and down payment assistance, it pays to have someone help you to navigate the complex housing buying process. Regardless of the reason for moving, Florida mortgage companies can help you make Florida your new home.

Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?