Mint Mobile An affordable phone Carrier

Mint mobile is used by people across the nation – and they are speaking out about it. It’s growing in popularity ever since Ryan Reynolds became an owner (OMG, right?!). From Amazon to Google and Facebook to Trustpilot let’s discuss some of the reviews that Mint mobile has gotten. 

Facebook (including over 13,000 reviews) rates Mint mobile at 4.8 / 5.0 stars. 

  • Kristin Manders Myers said “I had tried AT&T for eons and Sprint for several years. The plans were ridiculously high, and my use was just enough to cost me a fortune and still have lots of unused data left over $70 – $80 range. I switched to Mint mobile”. 
  • Ken Berchem said, “I was on AT&T for about 12 years and there’s no difference with service, other than it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. Best part of switching was calling AT&T to cancel, they tried to talk me out of it but couldn’t get anywhere near the price, so they had no leg to stand on”. 
  • Matt Walker said, “The phone/data service has been great, and customer service was helpful the one time I needed to give them a call. I just paid $300 to cover my service for a year, because you can’t beat that deal anywhere. I highly recommend Mint mobile”. 
  • Daniel Faint Colt Sigmon stated, “Seriously this service is sooo worth it I paid 196 dollars for the SIM card kit and the 1st year I don’t owe a phone bill for the rest of the year!”
  • Grace Gilpin said, “I get the same quality of service from one of the big cell phone companies at a fraction of the cost. Set-up was super easy and any questions I’ve asked the company to have been answered quickly and courteously. No complaints. Happy customer!” 
  • Stuart Meissen reported, “Did some looking around and these guys were the lowest price, so we figured what the heck, give them a chance. WOW! I get the same coverage as people using the big companies and I pay thousands less per year. Love these guys!”

Amazon also carried some pretty cool reviews from its buyers. 

  • Savannah rated 5 stars saying, “I purchased Mint service after having been a long-time loyalist to Verizon Wireless (both postpaid, and later, prepaid). The amount of money I save each month with Mint is astronomical.”
  • D. Sauer also came in with the 5-star rating posting, “Holy Mackerel! So, you’re telling me that I can have unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited data (with 10GB of LTE) per month for $300 per year ($25/month)?! Wow. That’s a pretty good deal. 

Google and Trustpilot (with a combined 6,900 reviews) also reported a 4.5-star rating. 

Want more in-depth coverage on Mint mobile? Check out this review posted by Anthony Richards! The review goes over everything you may need to know and discusses if the coverage is worth it.