Mindstir Media Reviews: Why it is popular with authors

Many authors are now opting for the self publishing route as publishing companies are expensive in their royalties and they keep the control over creator’s work. With self publishing the author and creator keeps full control over their books and work. There are also many financial benefits that play part of the self publishing road. The only thing that authors are most uncertain about is how to market and get publicity for their book. This is where companies like Mindstir Media come in. 

What do they offer?

Mindstir Media is a self publishing agent helping authors to publish their own books. It is one of the best kept secrets that wealthy authors do not want many people to know about. Self publishing has grown in popularity the last few years, however more and more authors are opting for the full package services companies like Mindstir Media are offering.

The full services Mindstir Media offers are mentoring from a number one best-selling author – J.J. Hebert, custom book design, printing and ebook conversions, marketing and publicity of books, book distributions, professional editing as well as personal autor support from a project manager and many more. These services help up and coming authors who want to self publish, but have no clue where to start the best option on the market.

What do customers say?

Overall Mindstir Media have received very good and positive reviews from their customers. They even have an A+ rating with the BBB. Below are some of their comments and reviews.

They have been commended for their exceptional work and professionalism. Their team was described as skillful and friendly. The customer even had her book published before its anticipated completion date due to great collaboration, open and efficient communication and timely services of the Mindstir Media team.

Another customer of Mindstir Media recommended them because with great consistency and confidence the Mindstir Media team helped them by explaining their options within and outside of the company. Mindstir Media navigated their publishing needs. They were present, visible and responsive. Their morals and work ethic is beyond great. It has been said that the Mindstir Media team is open minded, and authors critical and scared of the self publishing world, perspectives have been changed and broadened. 

Final Thought

It’s no secret anymore that this self publishing company is one of the best in the industry. They have great benefits and 100% of the royalties made by the book is for the authors account. They also help authors to publish an ebook should that be their need. They offer many services and their packages can suite in budget. For authors entering the self publishing world, stepping away from the traditional publishing companies, the option of a good and reliable self publishing agency is great. This option will help, advise, edit, market, motivate and create a quality book.