Business is Booming With Louisville Real Estate

Louisville, KY’s housing market is looking particularly attractive recently.  The city boasts a very appealing economy, a long and cultured history, and mild temperatures (ranging from an average summer high of 88 degrees to a winter low of 26 degrees).  UPS International Airport Hub is the largest employer in Louisville, causing the city to be a hub for shipping and manufacturing and providing hundreds of jobs to Louisville residents.  Almost twenty three billion dollars in civil projects have been announced, started, or finished since 2014.  

Additionally Louisville real estate is very attractive in terms of housing cost as well. It ranks in the top 90% of affordable cities in Jefferson County.  Homes range from around $215,244 in the Clifton area to $536,051 in Cherokee Seneca.  Louisville hosts some incredibly large cultural events, including the Kentucky Derby, the St.  James Court Art Show, and the Forecastle Music Festival.  In addition to being the founding place for some of the largest fast food restaurant chains in the world, Louisville houses popular local restaurants like Imellizzeri’s Pizza and Mussel & Burger Bar.  Other famous Louisville attractions include Hurricane Bay, the Muhammad Ali center, and the Churchill Downs.  Many natural areas are accessible from the city, including Bernheim Forest and the Falls of Ohio State Park.  Louisville is an affordable and very culturally prolific city that is very appealing to people looking for a place to settle.

What Makes Louisville A Great Place To Live?
Source: Finish Line Realty