Let Relish Help You Build a Strong Relationship Together

As humans, we crave companionship. By now we have learned that a relationship will only survive if it’s nurtured. Imagine planting a garden but never tending to it. In time your plants will die from lack of care. This is how you need to look at relationships, it needs cultivating and nurturing.

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. There are romantic relationships as well as those with parents, kids, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. All can present their own set of challenges, bringing both highs and lows. 

Learn to Relish Your Relationships:

All relationships can present challenges, that’s why we are so happy to have “Relish.” Relish is the #1 relationship training app in the app store. Relish will help you maneuver the relationships in your life and help gain insights into yourself along the way.

Relationships nearly always follow a certain pattern. While no two are the same, there are great similarities in the patterns each follows.

What Stage Is Your Relationship In?

Nearly every relationship follows a certain progression over time. Some liken it to “from talking to taken.” 

Below are the 5 common stages of a relationship that should help you determine where you are in your relationship and help you weather the storms and enjoy the sunny days.

  1. The Romance Stage: Every romantic relationship begins with the feelings of euphoria as our hormones release oxytocin. The feeling of exhilaration is great but you need to remember to: 
  • Keep the proper perspective, don’t give up your friends for your new partner.
  • Recognize red flags and address potential warning signs.
  • Start your relationship with good habits; express yourself honestly and learn to COMMUNICATE!
  1. The Power Struggle Stage: In this stage, we are learning to communicate together. We are learning the pros and cons of our partner and understanding we can’t change them. It is during this stage when many relationships end. 
  2. Stability Stage: During this stage, you are trying to keep your relationship fresh and not lapse into boredom and complacency. By now, things have settled down into common routines, so you need to cultivate the relationship, maintain intimacy, and keep things interesting.
  3. Commitment: By now most couples have chosen each other and are staring their journey together. Each person should have defined their own personal space and both partners strive to get through times of complacency, disappointment, conflict, and frustration with good communication.  
  4. Bliss Stage: During the co-creation/bliss stage, we are determining what a long-term relationship looks like and taking on new roles like being parents and creating a family. You will also be dealing with family, friends, and colleagues and need to maneuver them all.

Relish can help you with each stage of your relationship, visit Relish today, and learn the tools that will make you a great partner.