Economic Benefits of Intelligent Document Processing

Did you know that businesses are utilizing different artificial intelligence systems more than ever? In 2018 there was a mere 1.9 average number of AI capabilities, but now that number has doubled and it is expected to double again by just next year. While businesses are already experiencing the benefits of incorporated artificial intelligence, there is no telling the additional economic opportunities these systems will lead to. 

It is predicted that in 2023, global spending on AI systems by businesses and governments will surpass $500 billion. These companies are investing in multiple applications including generative AI, predictive analytics, and computer vision. All of these applications can tackle a variety of business operations, increasing overall efficiency and productivity.

With AI taking over menial tasks and assisting in decision making, employees and business owners are able to spend more of their time focusing on bettering the company. It is predicted that in the next ten years, AI will add $200 trillion to global economic output.

Technology is always evolving, and there is no telling what AI will add to the economy. To learn more about the benefits of intelligent document processing, take a look at the infographic below:

Intelligent Document Processing and AI