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CEDAR CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2020 / — When it comes to concrete construction, Phaze Concrete explains the importance of staying organized.

At first glance, construction sites can look like a messy minefield of equipment, supplies, and debris. However, according to Phaze Concrete, successful companies keep their construction sites well organized and clean. Every construction site should have a strategic plan for their job-site to prevent accidents, damage, and confusion. Workers will have improved productivity and boosted morale with an organized worksite as well. 

Phaze Concrete offers the following tips for keeping construction sites organized. 

1. Develop a Housekeeping System

Everyone on the team is responsible for cleanup efforts on the job-site. To encourage employees to do their part, talk about the benefits of a clean workspace, and remind everyone of the systems put in place by the company. Phaze Concrete notes that leaders should create accountability by assigning specific tasks to workers and providing clear checklists. 

According to Phaze Concrete, companies can create or incorporate a housekeeping system that works for their needs. A popular method called the 5S system is used in many businesses around the world. It is centered around the idea of making sure that everything has a designated place, and items not in use are removed. 

2. Separate and Eliminate 

When it’s time to remove scraps, Phaze Concrete recommends sorting materials for reuse or recycling. Wood, metal, and even concrete can be recycled when proper federal regulations are followed. Make sure the company separates scraps regularly to prevent good materials from being thrown away. Phaze Concrete notes that recycling containers should be clearly labeled and easy to access. 

Phaze Concrete explains that companies should also do their best to eliminate waste at the source. Choose products and supplies with minimal packaging and only bring what you need onto the site. The less waste created, the easier the cleanup. 

3. Contain Waste 

To keep workers safe, waste must be contained properly. Phaze Concrete explains that some materials can spill, evaporate, or smell if not sealed properly. Hazardous chemicals and dust should not be inhaled, which means containers should be easy to operate and in good condition. Other hazards like oil can be flammable and combustible. Phaze Concrete recommends removing hazardous materials frequently to avoid accidents and fires. 

Dumpsters and waste sites should be monitored and locked down to prevent unauthorized access by non-trained personnel. Phaze Concrete notes that training workers in the management of waste is equally as important as training them in construction and building. An excellent company will invest in the protection of its workers. 

4. Daily Check

Before everyone goes home for the evening, conduct one final cleaning to leave the workplace in a good place for the next day. Workers should arrive each morning to a clean and organized construction site to encourage productivity. Phaze Concrete recommends using a checklist to prompt employees for daily tasks like sweeping, cleaning, and trash removal. If workers follow the company’s housekeeping system throughout the day, cleanup will be a relatively quick and easy process. 

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