How NFC Works and How to Use It

Near-field communication, or NFC, is a technology that enables phones and smartwatches to communicate with other devices and read cards with NFC chips at relatively short distances. NFC uses a technology that is similar to radio-frequency identification or RFID, which is frequently seen in keychain fobs and security cards that you probably already use to enter your office or gym. NFC is actually an advancement of RFID with stronger security and more advanced functionality.

The Best NFC Applications

You can start making use of NFC once you have a compatible smartphone, a tag-writing program downloaded, and rewritable NFC tags. You can experiment with your automated setup after you learn how to program NFC tags. However, there are several NFC applications that you may utilize right away:

1. Easily Join a Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi passwords are long and difficult to remember. As a result, connecting to your network can also be difficult. However, you can write your Wi-Fi password to an NFC tag to replace that time-consuming procedure with a simple tap. With this feature enabled, both Android and iOS devices will automatically pre-populate your Wi-Fi connection information and connect you to the internet.

2. Get Yourself Up in the Morning

Getting out of bed in the morning can be really difficult. Even the most persistent alarm clock is ineffective for some folks. If that’s the case, think about employing an NFC tag to get you out of bed. By using in-app captchas, apps can integrate alarms with NFC tags.

They will confirm that you have taken action by forcing you to interact with a tangible object. You can write a special captcha using the app. Then, the only way to turn off the alarm is to get out of bed and locate the NFC sticker to turn off the alarm.

3. Launch a website.

Sometimes you might wish to point someone to a specific website. This can be a little challenging, especially if the URL is not straightforward. Therefore, you can write the URL to an NFC tag instead of having them type out a long, random URL. When clicked, it launches the user’s mobile browser and takes them directly to the desired website.

4. Activate driving mode automatically

iPhone owners are aware that their phones automatically enter Driving Mode when they connect to their in-car entertainment system and get in the car. This turns off notifications and makes your travel as efficient as possible. Although some Android smartphones can do this, most can’t.

However, this procedure can be automated by writing the jobs to an NFC tag. When the phone is in the car, it can be used to activate Do Not Disturb mode, switch on or off data, or launch your navigation app.

5. Send money.

NFC makes contactless payments possible when using Google Pay or Apple Pay. Contactless payments are now routine in many regions of the world. Indeed, contactless payments are favored in many US grocery and convenience retailers.

You are able to monitor your spending, examine your purchasing patterns, and store coupons using both Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can also stop carrying additional payment methods in addition to your phone if you use NFC payments.

6. Design NFC business cards

If you’ve ever attended a networking or conference event, you are aware of how crucial it is to bring business cards. They assist in keeping in touch with new contacts and serve to remind others of your identity and profession.

However, what if there was a more effective communication method? NFC offers this.

Your name, title, organization, website, email, and social media accounts can all be included on an NFC business card that you design. With the help of an NFC tag, all of this information can be loaded into the other person’s phone when it is scanned so they can keep it for later.

An NFC business card is easy to make. An NFC tag and an NFC-capable phone are all that is required. Use an NFC tag writing program to store your data on the tag. Then, simply ask the other person to scan the tag with their phone when you’re ready to trade information.

NFC’s Best Applications

The way we connect with the world around us is changing because of NFC chips. These affordable electronic components have made home automation a practical possibility, enabling contactless payment systems like Google Pay and Apple Pay and sometimes eliminating the need for printed tickets.

NFC is unquestionably beneficial, but like all technology, it is susceptible to security problems. Prior to exploring wireless technologies, you should become familiar with drive-by NFC hack-prevention techniques.