How Much Water Are We Using?

It’s no secret that water is an important part of our everyday lives. Water is used for cooking, cleaning, gardening, and most importantly: drinking. As much as we use water everyday, only about .5% of the water on Earth is drinkable. With such a small percentage of water being clean and safe for drinking, reducing the amount that is wasted should be a priority.

The average American uses 82 gallons of water each day! When water is used in daily activities, there is a lot that goes right down the drain effectively being wasted. Out of the 322 billion gallons of water that is used every day there is no saying how much of that is going back down the drain.

A tremendous amount of water also goes into the products that we use every day. Production requires thousands of gallons in some cases such as in making cars. An average car takes 39,000 gallons of water to produce! Even basic things such as bottled water takes 1.85 gallons to produce–meaning it takes more water to produce than it holds.

Lessening water use can begin at home with the use of water filtration systems. Water is placed in a container and then filtered for use meaning less water is being put back down the drain. One filter can serve up to 150 people and systems are offered in a variety of sizes to meet all consumers needs.

With water being so integral to our daily lives, but also relatively scarce, it is important we are mindful of how much water we are using and also how much is being wasted. A great first step to reducing personal water waste is through purchasing a water filtration system for home use.

Learn more about water filtration systems in the infographic below:

Water is Life Infographic by