House Hunters: How to Find the Home That Is Right for You

Owning a home is a big commitment. It’s a lot of work. Moreover, there is no guarantee that your investment will be worth it. While you look for a new home, you have to face the fact that you know nothing about it. There should be no awkwardness in this scenario as house hunting is asking you to become a detective. So, let the investigation begin!

 What to Expect When Buying Your First Home  

There’s the stress of putting your bid, researching the neighborhood, learning as much as you can about the property, and a whole lot more. However, first, you need to identify your lifestyle that your new home should fit in to. For example, if you often travel, you want a low maintenance setting. Think of your typical day to day life and start from there. For example, if you have a pet, you want a pet-friendly neighborhood.

 What Do You Look for When Buying Your Home?  

  • Space

If you want to start or expand your family soon, you will need an extra bedroom or space you can turn into a bedroom. Do you want a deck or a patio? Would a shady yard or a

sunny one be better for your ideal garden? Do you want a flat or a hilly yard?

  • Storage

Do you need a garage, a basement, a shed, or a space for hobbies?  

  • Stairs

Stairs are not desirable when it comes to babies and the elderly. Perhaps you could look for a house with one bedroom on the ground floor to amortize this safety hazard.  

  • Noise

Do you want to live in a calm neighborhood, or are you fine with the city buzz? Teen parents would surely appreciate the idea of a sound-isolated basement.

  • Privacy

Would you mind if your neighbor could see your living room? How far do you want to be from the road?

  • Efficiency

Make sure you know how much you can spend on your utilities. Keep in mind that depending on the state, the electricity rates can differ significantly. Make sure you go through all the electric companies in New York to do your research. Check out different deals and find the one that suits your usage best.

Moreover, although beautiful, things such as high ceilings can also add up to your utility bill. You should also ask the seller for copies of utility bills from the past 12 months to know about the payment plan.

 Home Buying Tips  

There are a few universal tips that can help you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

  • Know Your Finances

Avoid a financial disaster by knowing your budget and limitations before going house hunting. It would be better if you considered all the potential costs that go far beyond the buying price.

  • Ask Questions

There is absolutely nothing to be nosy under these circumstances. You need to know more about the place you are renting. Whatever you want to know, ask. You can ask as many questions as you want.

  • Check for Energy Efficiency

Home automation increases the value of a property for a good reason. It will significantly cut your utility bill while improving comfort and just being convenient. Do you see a smart thermostat, LED light bulbs, and Energy Star labeled devices?

  • Insulation

A common insulation misunderstanding is that more is better, but that’s not the case. Adding too much insulation potentially causes a lot of problems, such as moisture. Fiberglass insulation is an old technology that is not as effective as other options. If there is a fiberglass in the walls or the attic, keep in mind it will breakdown over time. Because of this, its ability to maintain insulation diminishes. Cellulose is not the best insulation for an attic, but it’s acceptable as long as you are ready to maintain it.


House hunting is not an easy task. But it would be better if you become an amateur investigator whose job is to find out everything there is to know.  With just a bit of luck, it won’t be long before you find a house that suits your primary criteria and fits your budget.