Why Hire Slow Fire Fast Isn’t as Harsh as it Sounds

Many companies are experiencing worker shortages after the pandemic. To compensate, many businesses are hiring people too quickly and it is leading to major consequences. Sometimes people just don’t fit the environment of a company or the position they were hired for, but due to the lack of candidates for positions there are times when employers are hesitant to fire their workers. While this does mean that a company has more workers, it also means that the work that is being done may be below standard. To solve this, businesses are adopting the hire slow fire fast mentality which sounds harsher than it really is.

Firing fast doesn’t mean that the second a worker makes a mistake they are let go. Instead, it means forgiving mistakes that workers may make, but not tolerating consistent poor work or behavior. This mentality addresses poor workers as a hiring mistake that needs to be solved rather than a problem that falls solely on the employee who is being let go. Companies need to focus on their long-term benefits rather than their immediate needs,and this involves firing employees who are not good fits to the company in order to bring someone on to the team that is a better fit overall.

Hiring slow fire fast doesn’t mean that employees are fired on a whim. It is not meant to replace training or coaching, and it does not mean having overly high expectations. This way of thinking of firing employees simply prioritizes long term benefits of a team and ensures that everyone is working in a position that benefits both them and the company they are working for in the end.