Gun Liability Insurance: Preventing Unintentional Gun Incidents

Annually, 500 people are killed as a result of unintentional firearm injuries. Totaling to more than 1 per day, 37% of nonfatal firearm injuries are unintentional, and 2% of gun deaths are unintentional. Fortunately, unintended shootings are preventable through a number of methods. Nearly 1 in 4 gun deaths involve alcohol, and over 4.6 million children live in homes with at least 1 unlocked gun. Limiting alcohol use around firearms and taking extra precaution to ensure that all guns are properly stored are just a few of the ways that gun owners can prevent accidental tragedy. Let’s learn more about gun liability insurance below.

Having gun insurance also has the potential to make guns safer, as most insurers reward good practices with lower premiums. Several cities are beginning to require this type of insurance, along with encouraging owners to take proper safety precautions such as using a gun safe, installing a trigger lock, taking a gun safety course, and using a loaded chamber indicator. In fact, studies found that 31% of accidental firearm deaths could be prevented with child-proof safety locks and loaded chamber indicators. 

Many firearm owners are already covered through the perks of their home insurance policies, including benefits like theft, loss, and most liability. All firearm owners have the opportunity to be covered by insurance, ensuring that all people involved are safe and secure when operating this potentially harmful equipment.

Is gun liability insurance required?