Gardening and Planting Benefits

Gardening is a great way to get fresh air and feel productive during a lockdown. Planting will help the environment release more oxygen and filter the polluted world we live in. As carbon dioxide starts to become a serious problem in the world, plating trees or small bushes can help eliminate the problem. For example, Rachel Harow plants roses in her backyard because it’s a fun activity for her family to do. Bird, butterflies, and bees, will have something to pollinate. It can contribute to the circle of life in many ways. 

As the bee population starts to decline, it’s important to remember to plan because they need flowers to survive. Yes, many of us are afraid of bees because of there stingers but, they are only harmful when they feel attacked. In addition to gardening outside, bringing plants indoors is always a great idea. Being able to wake up surrounded by plants is a blessing. Having something to take care of and watch grow is very satisfying for people. Some of the best indoor plants are; peace lily, dracaena trifasciata, spider plant, zanzibar gem, philodendron, fiddle-leaf fig, and the bamboo palm stone. They all have different needs but are sustainable in many different environments. Rachel Harow enjoys the beauties of nature. Bringing planting to her routine has helped develop a stronger relationship with nature and has made her happier. Many planters and gardeners would agree that working on nature projects increase their endorphins and helps them relax.