Every Reason to Own a Bean Bag Couch

Girl Resting on Beanbag at home

Bean bag chairs were all the rage back in the hippie days of the 60s and 70s. Now they’re back with modern flair, higher quality, and even comfier than before. 

Not sure you want a bean bag that can seat just one person? Let us introduce you to the bean bag couch: a giant bean bag for multiple people! This modern take on a classic piece of furniture is sure to be a conversation starter. 

Still not sure if it’s for you? Here are all the reasons you need a bean bag couch in your life now:

Extra seating

Bean bag couches are a great addition to your living room to create extra (really cozy) seating. They take up less space than a loveseat, and can seat two to three adults comfortably.  If you have children, they can pile on and get cozy for a movie. Depending on their ages, we’ve seen up to six children on a single bean bag couch!

With the modular options of bean bag couches, you have way more options. These bean bags are all bought separately and can be attached in various arrangements:

  • L-shapes, 
  • straight together 
  • separated into floating chairs 
  • ottomans 

We think these are a great choice for when your seating needs are often changing. They also work for both indoor and outdoor seating. These would surely be a hit for your next summer BBQ!


If the kids are having their friends stay over, these will be great for them to jump and play on during the day. When it’s time for bed, some bean bag couches have the great feature of folding out into two huge mattresses as well! Imagine how many little tikes will be cozy on 2 king-sized mattresses! Yes, you read that right: 2 King-sized mattresses!

We want to stress that these are definitely not great just for kids. When relatives come over, don’t feel bad for having them sleep on the couch. With the bean bag couch, you can be assured that everyone will have a cozy night’s sleep and be fresh in the morning.

Cost effective

Couches and sofas will easily run you over $1,000, especially for one that converts to have extra sleeping. Bean bag couches are nearly half that and oftentimes will have a really long (if not lifetime) warranty, should anything go wrong.

Also, most companies will waive the delivery fee, which saves you money and the hassle of having to get it home yourself.

Style options

Gone are the days of just neon color and cheap fabric. Today’s bean bags come in a variety of styles. Bean bag couches, especially, have some really nice options:

  • Faux leather
  • Corduroy 
  • Polyester
  • Faux fur
  • Velour
  • Chenille

The colors tend to be more toned down as well, to match your own style of décor. However, the bright colors are definitely still an option, along with various patterns and designs!

Easy cleaning

Regular couches and sofas can be pretty hard to keep clean. You may have to resort to professional services for some materials and colors. If you have pets or small children, the messes can be frequent and harder to clean. What we think is one of the best parts of having a bean bag couch is that the cover is removable. You can easily pop in in the washer and dryer. It will get washed along with your other clothes and come out clean as new!

With the modular sofas, the covers are stain resistant and easy to wipe clean!

They’re super comfortable

You’ve had a tough day and you come back home and just sink into a big sack of cushiness. Ultimately, these couches are giant bean bags and you can’t beat the comfort of that. 

The beans we use nowadays are higher quality than the old-school ones. The foam molds to your body when you lay on the couch, but easily fluffs back up. These couches are sure stay cushy for a long time!