Educating Young Adults about Financial Literacy

Teaching America’s young adults the importance of financial literacy should be an undeniable part of quarantine. During the summer before college, they should be learning how the spending works, that money doesn’t grow from trees, and that time is valuable. Ken Kurson, a financial professional, has established guidelines in his many books about why young adults need to be more financially aware. Most young adults are considered dependents until a certain age. That helps most of the avoid things like paying car insurance or home taxes. That being said, with COVID-19 on the rise, the youth should be more aware of other expenses that might start hitting them as they “come of age”. Although it is important to focus on art and creative aspects of education, being financially educated is also needed. Soon, a vaccine will come out and it will for sure be expensive. Kurson says being able to manage student debt, pay for weddings, and is a crucial part of financial literacy. COVID-19 is still a threat to society, but so is not paying the bills. With Ken Kurson’s knowledge and education, he predicts that by 2035 financial literacy will start being taught in American high schools.