eBay Recommerce: the Secondhand Economic Impact

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, buyers had to become more money-conscious. When many peoples budget is tight, buying new from first-party sellers wasn’t a good option. 72% of people surveyed said that buying pre-owned products has become more common. They were correct, 68% of UK eBay sellers started selling pre-owned goods in 2020 for some extra cash. Economically, Consumer to Consumer buying helps both parties. The seller makes some extra money and the buyer gets a sought after item for less. Not only is Recommerce economical but also sustainable, giving old secondhand items have a newfound value.

There is also a sustainability impact. When an item has value, it can stay away from a landfill and have a new lease on life. 720,000 Metric tons of carbon emissions were conserved through people selling pre-owned electronics and apparel on eBay.  Many people don’t realize the value of what they have, and that you don’t need an ultra-rare collectable to sell something. The average Canadian home has $5,660 in secondhand goods sitting around in their home. When the benefits for the environment, buyer and seller are so great, the practicality of eBay Recommerce has grown, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still underway.

Learn more about eBay Recommerce and its impact in the infographic below:

eBay Recommerce Report