The Workforce Shift to Direct Sourcing

Did you know that about 60% of large companies are employing or are planning to employ a direct sourcing program? Direct sourcing is a recruitment strategy to find candidates to fill a role, carry out recruiting and onboarding procedures internally, and communicate directly with candidates. To make direct sourcing work effectively, companies have to create talent pools with candidates who are engaged, ready to work, have the skills the company needs, includes known and new talent, and incorporates both active and passive job seekers. Companies are able to engage with these talent pools through professional networking sites, social platforms, job alerts, events, and newsletters. 

Companies can use direct sourcing to resist the effects of talent shortages and rising recruitment expenses. Not addressing these issues could lead to more than $8 trillion of unrealized revenue by 2030. Thankfully, many of the businesses that are using direct sourcing programs are seeing cost savings result from their efforts, proving that these programs are a definite solution. 

Not only do direct sourcing programs help with cost savings, they also help with the need for talent access and faster hiring. 83% of companies that utilize direct sourcing have seen a higher quality of talent and candidates. 81% are seeing quicker hiring cycles, 75% are witnessing improved candidate experience, and 60% are noticing an improved diversity of candidates. With how fast the modern workforce is changing, using direct sourcing programs can help you position your brand to win over the best talent.

Why Direct Sourcing Matters for the Future of Work
Source: Atrium Global