Dances, Guestlists, Food, and Flowers: How To Ensure Your Wedding Goes As Planned

A wedding day can be the best day of your life but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t manage the details. A wedding planner can only do so much and cannot practice your first dance for you and your significant other. There is so much that goes into planning a wedding that if you are doing it alone, you will most likely need some form of project management software. You are going to have to be proactive about planning the wedding as things usually don’t fall into place perfectly, such as what bridesmaid earrings are they going to wear? The following are tips to help make sure your wedding goes as planned in these areas. 


Dance classes are something that a number of couples invest in before their wedding. The wedding video is likely one that they will cherish forever so what they look like dancing truly matters. Learning a dance together can also be a bonding experience as it is one that you will share. Impress your guests with a great first dance or other dances during the wedding. Dancing is like any other athletic activity, the more you practice the best you will become. 


Guestlists are a source of contention with nearly every wedding as you cannot invite everybody you have ever met. You should also make sure that the seating arrangements are figured out. There are people that you most likely don’t want intermingling during the dinner with each other. Also, you don’t want people that know very few people to be sitting at a table where they are with all strangers. Guestlists haven’t been as big of an issue due to the pandemic but are still an issue for some couples. 


Flowers could be the easiest aspect of a wedding to deal with when compared to the others on this list. Flowers can be handled easily and there is always the option for artificial flowers. Of course, you will want to match the colors to what you prefer. Make sure that you use a florist with quite a few reviews as people try to scam people preparing for their wedding more often than you think. There are so many stories online of couples that made a payment only for the wedding vendor not to even show up to the wedding. 


The one thing that you have to realize about the food at your wedding is that you cannot accommodate everyone. There are so many dietary restrictions with some being legitimate and some being self-enforced. Have an option that reasonable people would eat and let people know that you cannot make everyone happy. If a person skips your wedding due to the food, they should have never been invited in the first place. Most people will barely remember the food especially if the rest of the wedding is incredible.

Planning a wedding is going to be stressful even if you find the best wedding planner. The unknown can be tough to deal with but understand that you will be ok. The wedding doesn’t define a marriage years later down the road.