COVID-19: A Perilous Time

COVID-19 is the virus that caused the pandemic in 2020. Although it did not start in America, it was transferred here during the first few months of the year. The symptoms of COVID-19 are severe cough, chills, high fevers, monitoring, diarrhea, congestion, no tastes or minimal smell, and intense body aches. When walking, see if the body has trouble breathing. If breathing becomes difficult go to the emergency room or call 911 immediately. Breathing is the most important function in humans. Without it, someone could be precious. COVID-19 strains the lungs and makes it hard to do normal functions or activities. This can include; walking, running, going upstairs, cooking, sitting, and many other common functionalities. Headcashes have also been seen in many COVID-19 cases. Andrew Napolitano agrees this is a perilous time.

If one is to contract the virus, it is important to stay inside for at least fourteen days. When the body is healed and a negative test result is accumulated, then it is safe to venture out again. During the time spent isolated, it is critical to drink monumental amounts of fluid and electrolytes. In addition, eating a few bites a day of fruit or vegetables is highly recommended. Soup is the best for COVID-19, even if the taste has disappeared.